Video Game Tester: Every Thirteen Year Old Boy’s Dream (And Surprisingly A Real Job!)

The idea of getting paid to plop down on a lime green bean bag chair and mindlessly play video games for eternity is every 13-year boys olds dream.

I’m 20, and my dream involves a world in which a GPS navigation system exists that Morgan Freeman narrates, however I digress.

But really, is it possible to have a job where the hardest decision you have to make is whether to play a level on medium or hard, or whether to use a napkin or your pants to wipe off flaming hot Cheetos dust from your fingers?

Let’s find out!

1: OK, so if it is even possible to get paid to test video games, how much can you make?

Video game tester salaries start at the bottom at about $18,000 annually and go all the way up to $55,000. This translates to about 8 – 14 dollars an hour. Keep in mind, usually these are temporary positions. Still, not bad for a job you can do literally naked in some cases.

2: I’m looking over my report card right now, and I see lots of F’s and absolutely no A’s or even B’s. Will video game companies ask about my grades?

Luckily for you, in the video game industry, being a tester is considered an entry-level job, and does not require a college degree. However, if you are trying to become a game designer or programmer then I suggest you start hitting the books more; it’s a high paying and competitive business!

3: I live in the middle of nowhere, and my only connection to humans not riding goats for amusement is the Internet. Can I STILL become a game tester?

As little as 10 years ago, if you wanted to become a video game tester you would have to live in a big city where major game studios were located, for example Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles… etc.

However, now there are work- from- home- video game testing opportunities that are yours as long as you have a console and or an Internet connection. Hurray for modern technology!

4: OK, so now that we know that video game companies don’t care about my lack of academic excellence, what qualifications are they looking for?

Focused: You have to be able to pay attention and focus for long periods of time, even when you are bored with a game. This seems fairly ironic to me when you consider that video game player stereotypes tend to be loopy ADHD candidates. I would know, I’m one of em!

Attentive To Detail: Part of the job is learning how to spot bugs, and then make that same bug happen predictively. Again, again, again, and AGAIN.

Good Communicator: You will be working with a development team, and will need to be able to express precise steps that you took in order to make a bug in the game happen.

“Well dang man, I was just kind of messing around for a while and suddenly everything went black! Hello? Are you guys still there? Guys?”

This will not do ^

Positive Attitude: Like any business, video game companies are looking for candidates with great attitudes who like to work hard. Again, very ironic when you look at most of the population on x-box live, as they are hardly model citizens.

Basically if you leave the negativity at home, learn to focus, and are willing to work hard, your dream job COULD become a reality!

I certainly hope it does!