Steps To Sales Process, Increase Income By Improving Your Sales Process

In this article I want to talk about how to increase your income by improving your sales processes, whilst also improving the way you look at your successes, taking stewardship and responsibility for your own actions in the quest of betterment for both you and your business. By taking steps to a better sales process, you can easily increase income by simply improving the way you look at and analyze you business thinking which in turn will have the effect of increasing your ROI (return on investment)

The best way to measure your success and your aspiration is to look closely at whom you are, what you have achieved and where in your mind’s eye you want to be this time next year. Vision has no beginning and ambition has no end. This is what I’ve learned in my own self analysis over the years that I have studied online leadership and how to recognise what success looks like.

Now whether you are in business or you are trading your hours for a salary, you see it really doesn’t matter to me and I don’t care what you are doing or where you think you are going. But I ask that you look deeply into what and who you are and what you want and deserve from life. Now the burning question in most people’s mind is “How much more money would I like to make this year over last year?”

The answers to these questions such as this will be different from one individual to the next and from one business to the next whether it is a traditional brick and mortar business or an online business, and I can tell you that I have had both.

There will always be one common part of this answer and this is because we all want to improve, to better ourselves and our business, to achieve more, to become better. Regardless of what this answer is there is one thing that you will continuously need to improve and the impact of this will be huge.

This one incredibly important aspect of any business is your sales process this is just so important, just stop stand back and visualise where you have been and where you want to go. Now many people know other people who earn two, three, four, even hundreds times the money they earn.

Do you think that they are better cleverer people? Well I have learned that those people are only marginally better than you at some things only! That’s right wealthy successful people are only marginally better than you at a few small things. So get the idea that successful people are somehow special and better than you out of your mind right now, they are not we were all created equal and that’s that!

Now let me tell you that a sales process starts with you but is a process that has to be thoroughly analysed tested and tweaked no matter what. It is important to start looking at where you want to get as a process more so than just somewhere you want to get to. A tree is a good example of a process in action.

This process known as photosynthesis is where the sun and the earth are essentially connected and work together to achieve the desired result. Without the sun the tree would die and without the earth the tree would die. Both are essential for the success of this process.

Now focus on your business you should be thinking of the amount of money you want to hit as being a process. The amount of money that you have called to mind will be the directly affected by how well optimized, tweaked, set up, and designed your sales process is. The more you improve your sales process the greater the chance you have of reaching your target goal. Your sales process and how well it works is the key to achieving your target financial goal, they are totally and inseparably linked together, but the good news is that there is a formula to improving sales process and I am going to tell you all about it.

After having designed many sales processes, I have come to understand that the designing of a sales process seem an impossible dream, (especially if you haven’t done it before), but it’s not if you follow the sales process formula. There is a very easy and basic way to understand what it is how to set it up and how to profit from it. If you are unsure about the process of setting up and executing a sales process I am going to guide you through the basics today which will make it clear what you need to achieve this.

I will show you that there is a simple way to understand the sales process, how it is set up and best of all how you too can profit from it.

Now there is a common misconception that when it comes to your sales process you need to have and fulfil products. That is complete rubbish in today’s world of internet sales.

Many people feel as though they don’t have any product to put into their sales process. Now let me clear this up for you, you don’t have to have your own products; you can use private label rights, public domain products, and resell rights products and merchant’s products.

Let me explain, private label rights products are other peoples digital product that by owning a private label licence, you can sell on to other people as many times as you like and keep all of the profit, just as long as you do not alter the product in any way or try to sell it on as your own product.

Many people however use PLR product to re write or re constitute their own product, they elaborate, re word and add new content and systems, then as long as the product is significantly different from the original product as long as the content is significantly different and preferably updated and better, it can then be sold as a new product.

Now when I say significantly different I mean it, I don’t want you getting into trouble copying other peoples products, but as you learn you can sort of use it as an index prompt if you like for writing your own product. Most PLR product is intellectual property subject to copyright, do not under any circumstances directly copy another person’s intellectual property, it’s likely you will be caught and prosecuted.

There are licences that you can buy that give you full MRR (Master Resale Rights) that do allow you to rebrand and alter the content, but always read the licence agreement before embarking on such a project to be certain that you have the permission that you require.

Anyway that’s an elaborated explanation of the fact that you need your own product to succeed just is not true! you shouldn’t allow what you think you don’t have to create a barrier to stop you being able to set up your sales process immediately and start seeing results quickly.

So what about sales process then? I mean John you have just explained briefly that I don’t need to have my own product to succeed.

Sales process consists of selling something of benefit to somebody else, and you will be surprised at how grateful the customer is if you sell them something of value to them, something that will either enhance their life of provide a solution to a problem that the may have, you see information is very valuable. Put it this way something informational that you know and is second nature to you may well be worth $20 or more to people who don’t know what you do, people will pay to learn, especially if the information enhances their life.

But here’s the thing about sales processes people who are only selling one product online are losing money. To get the best out of your sales process you need to incorporate multiple products into that sales process preferably with continuity (Residual or recurring income). In order to do this you need to understand how to actually set up a sales process. This is why I am giving away my checklist that you will find at the end of this article.

It is a basic sales process method that anyone can use. You can refer to this until you understand how to design your own sales process. From here you can expand on this and make it as deep and as long as you want it to go. You see when you appreciate how easily and quickly this can be done, and how easy it is to replicate a project on another subject using this sales process you are going to realize that wherever you are in life right now, you have not achieved your full potential.

Now honestly look closely at where you are now and take a look at whom and what you are, you will very quickly understand that anything can be achieved by anyone if that individual is prepared to visualise “where he or she wants to be” One of my favourite sayings from Martyn Luther King Is “you don’t have to see the whole staircase, you only have to take the first step”

Now if you are sick and tired of struggling to make a living, this will hand you everything you need to start making real money on the internet right away. I want you to understand this, the only person responsible for your success (or lack of it) is you, go and look in the mirror, the person looking back at you controls your destiny, that’s the person who is going to make you successful or stop you from being successful.

No Job Or Business Is Safe In This Age Of Change, traditional brick and mortar businesses are failing at record levels, levels that have never been witnessed before in the history of mankind, and there is a very good reason for this, people are changing, times are changing and the internet marketing community are now seen as the “Money Men (Or Women) of the 21st century.

The economy has been in freefall. Worldwide governments have bailed out the banks motor manufacturers and financial companies, but no one is going to bail out the little guy, this is where you can take responsibility for your own actions, where you can take stewardship for who you are and where you are going.

This may be the toughest time in history to get a job. Homeowners are being forced out of their homes in the face of foreclosure. And the commercial real estate market has dropped and my drop still further. Yet for many, life has never been better.

You see there is one sector of the economy growing every year and that sector is doing business on the Internet. Now it seems that anyone from the big players to 75 year-old grannies are getting in on the new goldmine that we call the internet. Has the Internet world has ever had a world recession?

Think of this was started in someone’s garage and today, it rakes in $19,000,000,000 a year – that’s 19 BILLION dollars. Microsoft was started in a garage; Facebook was started on a college campus. Wouldn’t you now like to be shown how to claim your share of the online fortune?

So to finalize I really hope you see the opportunity that is here to enable you to take control of your life. For a lot of people, the hardest part about starting an Internet business is just getting started.

Now starting an internet business can seem so daunting, but in reality it is not daunting at all, here’s what it actually is, it is simply a sales process that has to be set up.

OK as I promised here are the sales processes that you should be considering now whether you already have a business, be it internet based or a brick and mortar business. So I would ask you now to explore how your sales process can help your income, carefully consider the questions that follow:

1. What was your target income last year and did you achieve it? if so was it adjusted downwards to accommodate the recent decline?

2. What value or product/service can you add to your sales process to ensure you meet this year’s target?

3. Are there any additional products or services that you can add to your sales process?

4. Are you selling single products or focusing on only one service?

5. Do you have access to additional products? (If so use them) if you have no additional products find them it isn’t hard!

6. Are you using limited time or one time only special offer to increase your sales?

7. Can you implement different payment methods to increase your sales?

8. How can you expand on your existing sales process for example if you are a traditional brick and mortar business you could go the extra mile that your competition do not?

On a final note one of the key ingredients in the successful sales process is to under promise and over deliver, make sure that when you make a sale that you give something of value free as a thank you.

look at it this way if you go into a restaurant and you are told that there is a 45 minute wait for a table, and you get seated at the table in 30 minutes, you will be delighted, if on the other hand you are told you table will be 20 minutes, and you are seated after 30 minutes, you and your party are going to be annoyed, but it’s the same time 30 minutes.

The restaurateur probably knew the table would be 20-30 minutes, but he knew that you would enjoy your evening far better if he “under promised and over delivered”

The Sales Process For Online Marketers (seems complicated but in reality it is not that hard)

1. Landing page, a simple web page offering something of value free, expect to be offered something of greater value as a paid product.

2. Sales letter – self explanatory but additional video is best.

3. Order page a page where your customers can place a secure online order.

4. Auto responder, an e-mail automation system sending out pre programmed messages to clients and potential clients who have signed up to a list, genuine internet marketers deplore spam. Auto responder messages should offer helpful free information for 80% of the messages, 20% will contain offers of product that will help the client, if you are on a list that only ever seems to offer paid products or list swaps – get off it.

5. One time offer page, usually on the thank you page offering a related product at a discounted price, kind of like Amazon when you buy Amazon tells you other customers buying this product also bought these.

6. One time Offer order page self explanatory

7. Thank you page with another one time offer usually a down sell.

8. Another thank you page with another one time offer usually offering a free product in addition to the one time offer.

9. Buyer auto responder messages, keeping your customers up to date with specifically market targeted products to help the customer, quite often tried and tested affiliate products.

10. Traffic generation tactics, another ball game but there are loads of ways to generate traffic and build lists too numerous to list here.

Some tips if you are thinking of starting a home based internet business.

1. If you have little or no experience stay clear of programmes offering get rich overnight solutions, internet marketing is quite easy, but there is a learning curve.

MLM schemes are not for newbie’s unless you have hundreds of contacts that you are pretty sure will want to join you in your new MLM venture.

2. Watch out for coaching programmes that are new and use the scarcity tactic, all internet marketing guru’s use this trick, but I have yet to find a programme I cannot get hold of after the closing date, these are usually clickbank products, and whilst some are very good, others are just re-hashed rubbish.

3. Beware of blind sales copy, for example a product that tells you it makes money automatically but does not tell you how or what the product actually is, this is a good sign that what’s behind the sales copy is probably not worth your time effort and money.

4. I recently tongue in cheek bought a product advertising itself as traffic software, now curiosity got the best of me so I bought it, examined it and then requested a refund, why? Because the product had little to do with traffic software (very rare) it was a piece of software identifying keywords and PNK’s (product name keywords) such as Estate agent, then coupling them with a US city so you could build a site using local SEO tactics and sell the site – however firstly traffic generation it was not, the local SEO training was pretty rubbish, my 2 year old daughter could have done better, and the wording was wrong for the US market in that Car is Auto in the states, Estate agent is Real Estate in the US – that’s how amateur this product is, however I understand it has to date sold $450,000.00 – ridiculously easy but I do not condone selling such “not as described product” that is not the way build a loyal customer base.

5. If you are considering joining an internet coaching programme then check it out first, if you get a call without requesting one hang up, these are usually bottom dwellers, look for programmes that have a proven track record and check out who is behind them before joining, it’s horrible to say I know, but many such programmes are scams, I can count the real programmes that get real results quickly on one hand!

6. Finally when you join a programme make sure you have a coach such as me to guide encourage and motivate you to succeed, it is very difficult to succeed in this business without a coach who personally cares about YOUR success, and I cannot stress that strongly enough.