Olympia Motorcycle Jackets – Something For Every Rider

Olympia motorcycle jackets are known for their innovative designs. Not only does Olympia Motorsports able to think outside the box, but they generally produce high-quality products that do what they say they will and last for quite a while. Olympia jackets include a wide variety of products, from men and women’s jackets, to all season jackets and riding suits. While fit may or may not be an issue, in general customers who purchase their products are very satisfied.

Many motorcycle riders know how hard it is to find a jacket for every season. Even though many companies claim that their jackets provide warmth in the winter and ventilation in the summer, as well as protection from the elements, it seems that finding it all in one package is not easy. Olympia has tried to change that with their AST, or “all-season touring” jacket, which is part of their “System touring collection.”

This jacket features ventilation for warm weather as well as a zip-out insulated liner that can be added in the cold winter months. The liner can also be worn by itself and is both waterproof and breathable. The outer shell features storm flaps to protect riders from wind and water. Reflective patches on the neck, back, and chest mean that cars will be able to spot riders from far away. Reviewers have noted that this jacket works just as well as it is supposed to, letting them ride in any type of weather. However, the fit may be an issue for some people, as the collar has been known to gape, which lets wind run through the jacket.

Olympia motorcycle jackets include another designed to let riders brave the weather year-round and that is the Airglide 2. This jacket is made out of DuPont Cordura, and is designed to protect riders no matter what happens. It comes with a waterproof, insulated liner jacket, Scotchlite reflective piping, a Thermolite insulated liner jacket, Motion Flex armor at elbows, shoulders, back (removable), and cool mesh airflow lining for ventilation. The Airglide 2 is available in black/pewter, a very bright neon yellow for extra visibility, and a variety of other bright colors. While this jacket seems to work very well, customers should note that it is heavier than it appears.

While motorcycle enthusiasts want nothing more than to get out on the road any time of year, getting an all-weather motorcycle jacket can be an expensive proposition. Those who are interested in Olympia motorcycle jackets should make sure to do their research and, if possible, try the jacket on in the store to make sure it fits properly before buying.