Car Enthusiasts Continue to Love Cars

Automobiles have always fascinated us. Right from the very early prototypes- bulky, fuel-guzzling, inefficient and noisy, to the present scientific novelties- sleek, aerodynamic and efficient, cars have always been a source of wonder and amazement. A significant amount of people are interested enough by the history and mechanics of cars to take it up as a hobby to keep on educating themselves about the latest trends and changes in the automobile industry, as well as the functions and mechanisms involved in cars. If you belong to that group of car enthusiasts, it always pays to know the basic fundamentals of automobile technology to start off with.

Cars have been around for a long time, starting from old fashioned horse drawn carriages to the first coal or fuel-driven monstrosities that used to roam the roads of Europe once upon a time. These were inefficient, and more of a status symbol than a feasible means of transport. Experimentation with automobiles was just beginning at that time, and few would have guessed what cars would become with time. Gradually, lot of new scientific discoveries and new advents in technology began being incorporated in cars and other vehicles. This resulted in faster, more efficient cars, which became more cost-effective and environment-friendly.

One fact that all car enthusiasts should know is that car engine technology has evolved significantly over the course of the past couple of decades. While slightly older cars used the popular and effective carburetor-based engines, new technology has all but replaced that format at present. With the advent of MPFI or multi-point fuel injection based engines, the older technology has all but become extinct now. While you might see some old carburetor based cars on the road, their existence is short-lived, as in most countries, older cars are being phased out to tackle environment issues. The newer MPFI system-based cars are much less polluting, making them a much better choice overall.

While knowing the hardware, the mechanisms and the technology is quite good, one area all car enthusiasts should keep up with is the current affairs in the field of automobile companies. With most auto companies churning out new, feature-rich car models almost on a yearly basis, keeping up with the latest models a must. If you happen to know what the current buzzword in the auto market is, then you certainly are one of the best informed of the large group of car enthusiasts.