5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Should Be Incorporated Into All of Your Online Efforts

Video marketing has been around for some time for both online and offline uses. However, its use as a powerful weapon in online marketing has been relatively recent. Video used to be the domain of specialists that knew how to operate both equipment and, more importantly, editing software. Porting a finished video product to a website was a nearly impossible task for most normal users of online marketing. However, all of that has changed dramatically and now equipment, editing and portability have never been easier.
Flip Video Cameras Have Revolutionized Online Video Marketing – Equipment is an important element in capturing your video message. In the past, relatively expensive video recording machines were necessary to make the experience worthwhile. A couple of years ago, that notion was thrown out the window with the introduction of the Flip Camera.  This small handheld device has been engineered for maximum “ease-of-use” and has been a massive hit. Costing between $100 and $200, this device can be purchased at mass merchandisers. Now you only need to point and record to capture good looking live videos. Uploading the captured videos to your computer is a snap with the imbedded software. The newest Flips now have HD technology to improve the look of your video captures.
Video Has Been Proven to Convert to Sales Better – There is no denying that audio generally works better at holding attention than words alone and that video works even better than audio in keeping your target’s attention. Your job as a marketer is to capture the attention of your target audience and hold them in place for your message before they get bored and click away. Video is the perfect device for achieving this. The longer you can keep your target on your website listening to your message, the more Google and its spider bots will deem your website worthy and confer a higher quality.
Video Editing is Now a Breeze – After capturing your video, often times you will want to customize it for additional elements to drive home your message. This could include adding text overlays, music backgrounds or simply editing out bad scenes that don’t work. This arcane corner of the entertainment world was generally off limits to general marketers. Not any more. Mac computers have good video editing software built right into them and PC users can access simple software programs such as Sony Vegas or Camtasia Studio. You can rapidly take raw footage shot on a Flip Video Camera and convert it into a professional looking high power message ready to put onto your website.
Uploading Video to the Internet Has Become Much Simpler – This was another area that required some serious technical skill until relatively recently. Videos need to be converted to a format that the internet can understand in order to play correctly on a website. There is now a host of ways to get your video online that never used to be available. The easiest method is upstreaming to YouTube. YouTube performs the conversion for you automatically so you don’t need to sweat it. Other hosted platforms such as Audio Acrobat also allow you to upload in your already recorded format and point your website to them and they will play your video for you already converted. Software such as FLV Producer is now available that you can put on your desktop that will easily performs the conversion for you on your own computer so you can use as you see fit. Other Web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages allow you to simply upload your video from your computer with no hassle at all.
You Need to Use Video in Order to Remain Competitive – Now that you know how easy and inexpensive it is to make a video production, maybe the most important reason for you to adopt it is because all of your competitors are likely using video in their marketing efforts. Target audiences pretty much expect to be presented some form of audio or video message to augment what you are presenting in text. Without it, you risk coming off as unsophisticated and boring.
There no longer is any excuse not to use the power of video in your online marketing efforts. Flip video cameras have so dramatically leveled the playing field and enhancing your video with the use of easy to use editing programs makes this an easy decision.